Full Denture Prosthetics

What are full dentures?

Damaklı diş protezi ve total protez olarak da bilinen tam diş protezleri çürük, travma,kemik erimesi gibi sebeplerle ağızda dişlerin olmadığı durumlarda yapilan alt ve üst damaklara oturan protezlerdir.

The applied dental prostheses help the dental tissues to be healthy, to look more aesthetically pleasing and to fulfill the functions of teeth.

Who is eligible get full dentures?

Complete dentures can be applied to almost all patient with edentulism (no teeth). If the person does not have any teeth in his mouth, does not have allergies to some foreign substances, if the jawbone is in accordance with the standard dimensions of the prosthesis (checked by our radiologist), if there is no excessive melting or deformation in the jawbone then the patient can get a full denture. 

How long does a full denture take?

The specially produced prosthesis takes about 10 days, during this time, the person needs to see their dentist 4 to 5 times.

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